Workers’ Compensation

manufacturingplant_420x315This is insurance that protects the workers for injury or illness which may occur as a result of their work. The worker may work for you,  or perhaps a sub contractor that works for you, maybe a supplier that may be delivering supplies or anyone else who may be working around your business. Workers’ Compensation provides for medical expenses and income replacement for work related incidents. Workers’ Compensation provides for these expenses regardless of who is at fault. Each state has a different Workers’ Compensation statute, so it is imperative that the workers be covered for the state in which the work occurs. If you contract with a someone that does not have Workers’ Compensation, it is important that you protect yourself by having your Workers’ Compensation in place and up to date. While the premiums paid for Workers’ Compensation protection are quite costly, that cost is nothing when compared to the potential medical and litigation cost for work related injuries.